Jaxx Rivaro

Jaxx Rivaro joins Stonyx Records, his very own record label, with a Hip Hop and Rap track titled 'Lunch Time' which is under his side alias RVRO. Lunch Time, Crunch Time is a hard hitting Hip Hop and Rap track with Asian influences, with positive feedback of White Spirit. 



Jaxx Rivaro is a 17 year old DJ/Producer from Haarlem, the Netherlands. When he was just nine years old, he discovered Electronic Dance Music by listening to music from Swedish House Mafia, Avicii, Hardwell and DJ Chuckie. Jaxx soon knew that he would do something with EDM in the future. In 2018 he started making music and at the same time started his own record label called Superstone Records. He made his debut with his first EP called MAGIX which was released in January.

Jaxx Rivaro was born in Haarlem, the Netherlands but grew up in Suriname, a country in South America. There he often listened to the radio and discovered EDM. In 2016 he began to delve more deeply into the genre and knew right away that this would be his passion. The first non-commercial EDM track he listened to was W&W - Bigfoot. In August 2017 he started his own radio show called Renegade Podcast which has now become very popular. In October that same year he moved back to his country of origin. the Netherlands, he soon started making music. In January 2018 he started his own record label called Renegade Recordings, mid-April he decided to change the name to Superstone Records, which has since become a great success. In November he changed his podcast name to Jaxxed Radio. In December he teamed up with Exitium and Colder Vibes to start a new hybrid label named VonderX Records. That same month he presented his new-alias called VSRX. 2019 has been a great year for Jaxx, he has been recieving some good support by the likes of C-QUENS, HANZY, JayJen, Mike Snow, SRome, Stefan Bors and VENRO. In June he teamed up with Hypnos to start a duo going under the name of VSRX. The first release of this magnificent duo recieved support by the likes of Stefan Bors. In that same month, Jaxx decided to leave VonderX Records due to some private reasons. Giving him more time to focus on Superstone Records. In January he announced that he will be taking a break from making music, giving him more time to focus on evolving his sound production. In 2020 he re-branded his label from Superstone Records to Stonyx Records, owning it together with PLRS.

Jaxx Rivaro's biggest dream is to have a release at Rave Culture Music or at Madox Records.

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